Friday, December 28, 2007

Magic System Revisited

I've made a decision that is logical, but probably isn't going to make many prospective mages happy.

In a multi-element weave, the affinity and skill used in the creation of the weave are those of the lowest-level element in the weave that the character possesses.

There's just not an un-awkward way to word that, so I'll explain by way of example.

Take a simple, two-element weave like an illusion. This requires both Fire and Air.

Elena, looking at her character sheet, sees that she is at an affinity of five in Fire, and four in air. She also sees that her skills for these elements are 13- and 11-, respectively.

She can only pull up to 40 active points, and rolls it at an 11-. Her skill with Fire is not the issue for this weave. Logically, if we test the weakest link in the chain, we can assume that the rest of the chain will hold.

Hold up, I can hear the groans. "Why would anybody have less than exactly equal points in each of the elements?"

Here's the thing. I think, at least with the players I'm considering playing with, that this will encourage more creative use of elemental energies, so as to stay within the characters' strengths.

I'm going to consolidate all of the necessary information into a single document and post it here later on this evening. It's the Holidays, I'm taking things slowly.

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