Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Centres of Culture IV: The Golden Interior

This small but important agricultural heartland only requires one cultural post. Called the Golden Interior because of the massive amounts of grain grown in the area, there is not much else to be said about this place. It is the typical "sleepy village" area, protected by a deep and rushing river to the north and a mountain range to the south.

That is not to say that it has not known war, but there are no great leaders here, merely small communities, and isolation removes much of the impact from a regime change. If you only ever see nobles when they ride through your town on the way to war, what does it matter to who you pay your taxes to, as long as they are the ones you must appease? What does it matter who takes the excess grain you grow? It doesn't, really.

Furthermore, the gods of the south are peaceful gods, and the God of Harvest is the most peaceful of all. When the young men go away to war, the harvest is neglected. Therefore the best policy is to advocate peace, and to act peacefully in all ways and at all times.

Sorry this place is kind of boring, we'll have some fun when we get to Mechia.

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